SelfOM is a self-coaching platform designed to empower individuals on their personal development journey. Through guided self-coaching sessions, users can explore various aspects of their lives, set goals, and work towards positive transformation. Simply choose a membership plan, access the sessions, and embark on your path to self-discovery.

Consider your self-coaching goals, preferred commitment duration, and budget. The "Self-Start" plan is ideal for beginners, "Exploration" provides a comprehensive 6-month journey, and "Mastery" offers a year-long immersive experience. Evaluate your needs to make an informed decision.

While the sessions cover a range of topics applicable to various aspects of personal growth, they are not personalized to individual circumstances. The content is carefully curated to provide a transformative experience for a diverse audience.


Yes, you can access the sessions at any time that suits you. The frequency of practice is flexible and depends on your personal schedule. The platform is designed to accommodate your individual pace and preferences.

If you are unable to complete all the sessions within the validity period specified in your chosen plan (e.g., one month for the Self-Start plan), access to the sessions will expire at the end of that period. Each plan comes with a specific timeframe during which you have the flexibility to explore and engage with the sessions. It's designed to offer you a choice within the designated timeframe, ensuring you can pace your self-coaching journey according to your needs and preferences.

Yes, ensuring the security and privacy of your personal information is our top priority. SelfOM employs robust encryption measures and follows industry best practices to safeguard your data. You can explore our privacy policy for more details on data protection.

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